Simple Dirty Laundry

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Okay, I know by now you might be really mad at me for posting shyet about you here on my blog. You know me, this is what I do best. Talk about random people here who might have a little clue that it was them I was talkin about.

I was just wondering why you could act like you are had everything figured out one minute and so lost on the next. I just don't get it. If your gonna ignore me, don't talk to me like you want me. Come on get real.

You seriously need to have things straightened out. How could you act like you are in a relationship in broad day light and when all the lights go out you immediately forget what thing your on.

See, you are so wrong there my love when I saw you comin out some girls house who happens to be the one you're claiming to be one of your closest friend. I know there was nothing wrong with that til I saw you kissing her and touching her in parts that was very inappropriate. Didn't mama teach you how to touch a girl?

Sometimes I wish I never met you, coz I was just perfectly fine til you came in to my life. But don't worry babe coz I'll be over you like I was just doin my simple dirty laundry. I know I'll be over you and that's just simple.!

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