Open Letter to a Very Close Friend Who Almost Feel Like a SISTER

Monday, May 27, 2013

Dear Friend,

Let me get things straight. I think you have made your choice so let me make mine. I have to stop being your friend. Why? It is because you are starting to be a member of BARBIE SOCIAL CLUB. Oh wait, you are BARBIE! Two faced!.

Let me just remind you how this started. I remember 2009 when you hated them for blasting something that you have no clue about. You turned your back on them and faced me crying. I immediately hated them for doing that to you.

I was just wondering if you really considered me as your friend or is this part of the plan? Plans of manipulating my feelings to gain my sympathy so that I would hate them. Well if that's the case then you have succeeded. I hated them to my last breath and its all because of the things you told me. You see I was just easy. I believed in everything that you say. I let all my walls down. Defenseless without knowing that you could do this. It was all you. They did nothing to me.

Seeing you tonight I could see that you are very comfortable with them. It's like you are in your natural habitat. Like you always belonged. You were never like that when you are with me. I never saw you smile. I always get that complains on how work and life stresses you out. You gave me that feeling that I was someone you trust to let all your thoughts out. Someone they call "SHOULDER TO CRY ON." Now I realized I was that someone you displace all your anger. A pet peeve!

Tonight I am making my choice to stop being there for you. No more loud noise, no more harassment (coz that's what you call it), no more bonding with your family, Noone's gonna bug you anymore.

Thank you for the memories and the experience. You taught me a lot.

Love and kisses,
Jan Errol Duazo in my lowest low.

PS. I am writing this not to attack you but to let you know how I felt. After all this, what was said and done, I do wish you well and I still hope that you made the right choice. NO REGRETS
Please read this with an open mind. I remember you could be very stubborn.

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