The Great Roadtrip- ASTURIAS and BALAMBAN

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

 Haggard in Asturias
 Asturias Royalties
 I love this Color

 Balamban Lovin!

 MLG- The Leader of the Band
 Skinny B- The Betch

 Destinee- More options sa pictorial

 Skinny b. in Shameless Narcissistic Self Promotions 
 Best in Options
 Selfie- Best in Pout
 Somewhere along the Transcentral Highway

 Best in Pictorial- Memorize na!

There's no such thing as being too busy, if you really want something you have to make time for it. Summer had brought the heat and made me itching for an adventure, with the help of my trusty old friends we hit the road like a mad man so there's no stopping us. I've been thinking that this summer lovin had made no promise to me but an experience to remember all my life.

Summer and this roadtrip, put a smile on my face. So when we go back to our normal lives we would remember all the beautiful memories we had and the time that we borrowed from SUMMER.

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