Wednesday, August 14, 2013

People are asking me a lot of questions lately and I try my best to answer all of them. This one deserves to be posted here on my blog and not just an email reply. Someone asked me if I had someone I look up to and who would that be. So I said "MY PARENTS" but it's a given right? We all look up to our parents. I had to give another answer. Without any thought I said, IT'S JOSE NONETTE MEDRANO JR. People call him NETCH, Nonet(noney) but for me he is just JR.

I remember like it was yesterday, when we first met (murag manag uyab lang). It was also my first day of school as I happened to pass him by coz he was hangin out with his friends outside their classroom. He said HI and I said HI Betch. (I just made that up). Well one thing leads to another and we've been friends ever since. I also remember that he used to be CHRISTINA AGUILERA and I'm BRITNEY SPEARS (coz I'm that b*tch).

I always look up to him. He is my Gay ICON, my HERO, and my MENTOR. Everytime I had guy troubles I always think of "WHAT WOULD JR DO if he is in this situation. Every time we hang out he always have this million ways to make everybody laugh and be comfortable.


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