Studio ni ROBO Now OPEN

Tuesday, August 06, 2013


But of course, I had to post my face as the Official UNOFFICIAL PR SAVANT (yes, google that b*tch) of Robo Formacion Photography. Little by little, slowly but surely, we are making this dream into a reality. What we have right now is because of the unending support of the people around us. We would like to thank our ALMIGHTY FATHER for showering us his love through the opportunities we have. Opportunities to grow professionally and personally. To our loving parents for their undying love. To our friends for the added push into making this dream within our reach.  To our valued clients, your smile is enough to assure us that we have done a great job. We are happy to capture and be part of a milestone in your life. And to everyone reading this, Thank you.

Robo Formacion Studio is Located at CADSCOR BUILDING, ANDRES ABELLANA ST. GUADALUPE CEBU CITY with TEL Nos. 0932.5877.877 | 0927.700.3369 | 360.7694. 
For more info you may visit our website at

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