Fakers Gonna Fake, Haters Gonna Hate

Friday, October 11, 2013

There was this girl I thought I knew so well, I didn't just consider her as a sister coz for me, she is my sister from another mother. She was this someone I could tell anything, all those crazy things in my head. If I had problems about boys and all my toys she was the person to go to. No matter what time of day it is I know that home is where she's at. I've known her all my life.. Well I thought I knew her so well.

Last Saturday, I asked her why she disinvited me to one of our childhood friend's birthday bash that she organized. Turned out, She intentionally disinvited me coz someone I don't talk to was there. WTF is that. So I text her that I was disappointed with what she did and posted on her facebook wall.

Well, common reaction by offenders, they turn things around made it about me and my big attitude. It was way too far out of topic, but then it all made sense to me.

Her friends never really had problems with me. It was her, she just can't handle me. I'm too much fun for her boring monochromatic life. She used to be everything, now she's just plain boring.

She told me that facebook is my only friend left. Just wanna let her know that its quiet true, but she should know too that my friends no longer lives in the Philippines and that I am the only one left here in the country. I just hope that next time before she run your mouth and talk, she should know the facts. She's a professional as what SHE claimed to be. Professionals don't jump into conclusions.

Yes I am immature and I could be really annoying but that's only to the people I am really comfortable with. Guess I had it all mixed up and I'm sorry. I'm sorry I got really comfortable with her. She had me thinking that with her I could be nobody but me. Believe me when I say that SHE'S  really good at it. I never saw it coming. I was WRONG, REALLY WRONG.

SHE stand so tall like she had won some kind of war but really I have never seen someone fall so short. Maybe SHE should just try harder. SHE asked me what is wrong with me. SHE know me too well that what ever happens to me, I'm gonna post it on my friend facebook. Please don't make this all about me. This is about HER. I hope that before goes out of the house, she read again all the text that she sent to me and see the person that she is becoming coz you know what, SHE could be worst than me. Cherios!!!

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