The BEST TEACHER in my WORLD: Mrs. Evelyn Bonsubre

Friday, October 18, 2013

Few weeks late from Teacher's day celebration, Kaye asked me who is the best teacher I ever had and I told her she is MRS. EVELYN BONSUBRE.

For some students, she is notorious for being strict, speaks louder than anybody and often times called HIGH BLOOD. Yes, she goes berserk to things teenagers may not understand but once you get pass that, you will see a person that cares. That's the way I see her. She is the best teacher for me. A teacher that shares from experience and not just what is written on the books. A teacher that gives so much without asking in return.

She was the first person who believes in me. She told me, and I will never forget, that I could be somebody if I keep doing my best and give it my all. She taught me to stand my ground, to be strong when the going gets tough. She is that somebody whom I could talk to even if I talk a lot of nonsense like boys. She is the best in her own way.

WHO IS YOUR BEST TEACHER? (aside from your mom)

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