I'm your Leader

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Y'all be talkin about me like I'm some kind of monster. Hell yes, coz you ain't my brother.
Yep, my flow is so criminal. When I party I become an animal.
Keep in line if you are a hater. I just wanna treat you like a waiter.
It makes me so alive, yall just see me after five.

If you are a boy, come here I'll treat you like a toy.
You say you're a man. Oh shyet! Im not a woman.
I put an end to your tricks, you crazy little prick.
Why don't you be real and tell me how you feel.

Errday I am getting fatter, coz I don't wanna be like you, you skinny loser.
You want this to be quick, boy I can't be that slick.
Some say I'm a real bad ass, yep you smart ass.
I know you're a follower, coz I am your Leader.

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