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Friday, February 28, 2014

As a nurse, we go on duty for 8 hours straight, bypassing meals or snacks. Then I tend to eat a lot more than than the usual meal after my work just to cope up with my hunger. I know, this is how I become this big. A very dangerous habit.

Today I received this package from Miss Avi Siwa, she sent me these  SLY POWER BARS and I brought it to work with me. Because we are very busy with work, this is the only thing I had until I got off from work at around 11pm. When I get home, sit on the table and ate my very late dinner, I was really surprised that I only consumed 1 cup of rice, instead of my usual six cups. I was in awe! I couldn't believe it. This SLY POWER BARS tamed my voracious appetite. It tastes good too. On my payday, I am buying lots of bars because I believe that this will help me to my goal of loosing weight. (crossing fingers). I just wished I live in Manila so that I could enroll to their diet program.

If you wanna know more about SLY POWER BARS or the SLY DIET PROGRAM please visit their website or visit their facebook page.

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