Getting Over Is Hard to Get Over

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I'm getting really paranoid about this thing. It's like you can never get any sleep at all even though you really want to but your thoughts just keeps you up. Worrying about the wrong stuffs and all crap. Made myself go from being just unhappy to being unhappier with the way my life is going through right now. Thinking about the "should haves" and the "would haves". I've been down this road 2 million times already and can't believe I'm heading that way again. Clinging unto what's left inside, but there's nothin in. It's hard when you preach about how other people should live their lives and yet I can't even get a grip with mine. It's funny when professionally I can help a person live but I'm struggling to be alive. Come on. How cruel life can be?

I know it's bananas when I would say that I had a relapse. I'm already broken but my mind keeps pounding my heart in little bits of pieces til it becomes dust. Why can't we be satisfied with what is laid on our plate? Why do we to reach over someone's platter and take a piece? Crack me up and look inside but I don't have the answers.

Would it be too much to ask if you want your old self back after you are scraped out of your juice?

These thought keeps me alive:

I'm not alone, I'm Just Single. I still got my Friends on my Back.

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