Thoughts About Life

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I might be young and immature but there are things that I already learned about life. So what you think about that?

1. Regrets are a waste of Time! It may never turn out the way you want it to be but for one moment it is what you wanted.

2. Not everything is meant to be but everything is worth a try.

3. Character is important than what people think of you. People will think that you are less of what you truly are.

4. Never let anything get the best of you. Never let anything put you down and if you do stumble down, stand up.

5. There are only 3 important things in life that you really need. Faith, Family and Friends and fortune is never a part of it.


  1. thanks. this will really help people raise their esteem

  2. THIs MAKes Me CRY.waaaaaa..MY ONLy be HEALEd FROm This OBSeSSIOn.