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Friday, June 12, 2009

Who was the last person u had a phone conversation with for more than 2 minutes?

Is it cute when a boy calls u baby?
* Hell no.. It'll be cheesy.

What is something u like to do when u're down?
* Write something in this crappy blog.. just like now..

Who is the last person u physically hit?
* nobody...

Do u always answer ur phone?
* nope.. not all the time.. I dont accept calls while on duty....

Do u have a friend of the opposite sex u can talk to?
* Yep... Y??

Was last night enjoyable for u?
*Nope... it was a nighmare..

Ever receive a really long apology?
* yeah..

Want someone or something u can't have?
* I always get what I want...

Have u ever thought about killing someone in detail?
* hahaha... yeah... but not right now...

What's the last thing u put in ur mouth?
* notch.. lol... cookies and cream ice cream

Are u afraid of roller coasters?
* Yeah.. made me sick

Facebook or Myspace?
* both.. add me up

Do u sleep with the door open or closed?
*wa mi door.

Your number two tells u they're pregnant, u say what?
* I dont have a number 1.. hypothetically i'll say good for you...

Do u want to get married and have children one day?
* if i lost my mind.. yeah

Can u recall the last time u liked someone a lot?
* last month??

Anyone of the opposite sex been on ur mind lately?
* yuck

Do u know ur best friend's middle name?
* yep...

Is life good?
*most of the time.. yeah

Are u happy?
* nope.. ecstatic

When is ur birthday?
* 3rd day of January.. ayg pangadto sa blay wa mi hikay.. new year mi mag celebrate...

When was the last time u were home alone?
*2 hours ago...

Are u the oldest, middle, or youngest?
* youngest...

What color are ur sheets?
* i like them blue.. but right now its yellow..

Do u straighten ur hair?
* nope...

Whats the closest black thing to you?
* shoes...

What are u looking forward to in the next 2 months?
* A paying job

If u could move somewhere else, would u?
*yes... definitely..

Are u in a good mood right now?
* im cranky....

Does cuddling freak u out?
* yeah.. jeepers creepers...

Do u and ur best friend look anything alike?
* Nope.. we are opposites..

Do u ignore people when u're mad/upset with them?
*i give them the cold treatment but they dont figure it out...

When u take a drink of something, do u hold ur pinky up?
* nope...
Do u like surprises?
* thats scary..

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