Eff YOU!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I don't know where to start this post. Should I start with the as*hole or the B*tch that started all this Drama?
So this me telling it all... my side of the story...as I rise from the flames and leaving all this drama behind, I just had to be true to myself and to everyone I know. Summa total, I was just hurting myself for trusting too much, loving too much. I just wished that you guys could see the pain in my eyes so that you'll realize how much I cared.

So what if I told you I love you..baby just don't let it go through your head and act like you own me.. I gave up my love to you but not my soul...

I could finally close this book, not end a chapter, and start a new one.

Never regret! Whether it's good, bad, wonderful, or heartbreaking, it's living at it's most real. Always learn and become stronger for what you've experienced.

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