JS Prom in November... Seriously?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The gown, the make-up, the accessories, the drama and so many things had to be considered. Your mind will cloud up with all those thoughts just for that moment.. That most exciting part of  being in High School but in November Seriously?

Well anyways. I was able to have a front row seat when a friend had her JS Prom. I was with her from hair and make up til she took center stage. I was rooting for her. She looks exquisite.

As her transformation begins, she asked me what is my favorite award. I told her Star of the NIGHT. Then she asked me why. I told her the meaning of the awards. For me  Prom Queen is someone that everybody likes... Best dressed...Someone with the most amazing dress but doesn't have the face to match.. While Star of the Night is Someone whom everybody wants to be like..I know she was apprehensive but i had to tell her my thoughts.I told her that its okay if she wouldn't win anything, she just have to be herself and try not to suck. She answered that she couldn't concentrate with her heart beating faster and faster by the minute. I give her a tip that I learned from a friend. To sing a song mentally that way you had something on your mind other than being nervous.

Star of the Night

As Kim and Tyne stepped on the runway/court. I was ecstatic. They were milking every second that was given to them. They can do it without me.They turned heads and made every jaw drop.