Happy Birthday Mark Edwill Herrera

Friday, November 18, 2011

My fifth Crush.. yeah I think its about time I own it. Its not just because its his birthday or that I still like the guy and I want his attention but because it was so long ago and I'm over it.

I remember back in the day, way back in high school when I had to run for a position in the student government and I had to stay longer hours inside the school to make some campaign materials. I was tasked to make those bookmarks. It was nothin fancy but you made it extra special.

I also remembered how stupid I acted whenever you passed by our classroom when you go to the CR or whereever it is that you wanna be. Hahaha. Talking about blushing, I could be the Master..

Im so Happy that despite the stupid sh*t that I do, we remained friends through time. I managed to moved on and be cool when you're around. Though you're faraway now.

Hey, I know you've always been a trouble maker since you were born but nonetheless an ORIGINAL never be replaced. Have a ball and enjoy your day..

Whatever you do, always remember I'm here missing you... IRING

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