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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My view
Miss Jobbawakee
Miss Shiny Faye Sepulveda and Crislie Ann Almario
Shiny Faye with some guy we met... (aw bitter)
Shiny Faye
The Prettiest Face I saw that night. (im starting to sound like im a lesbian)

The dude with two other dudes and her
Best in Lansis,, Niljun

I was out on a stroll a few days ago to watch a local pageant. I never really had the time to watch what was going on on stage because I had so much fun frolicking on the sidelines. This kids were fun. I saw the kind of fun that I used to have inside of me. They made me realize that we had to let go of the life we had planned for ourselves to have have the life that was waiting for us to enjoy.

I kinda liked the homey kind of vibe that the crowd had. A lil laid back and a lil rowdy. They got it going on. Til next time I meet you guys! Enjoy Life.
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