Monday, December 10, 2012

Gettin Ready

Seeing Beauty up ahead

First Pit Stop: Cayangan Lake

Had to eat our lunch first

Best in Avail sa signal

Going up

another pit stop

I don't like the view coz I'm missing someone who I kept on texting.. just kidding..
The View: No not the show...
The Cave

Going Down: Exhausted

The perfect view to behold

more photos to follow

Next Pit Stop: Barracuda Lake

Our Trusty Tour Guide: Bernard

Our Next Stop Twin Lagoon 

akong nawng convulsion

The trek was very tiring but the places you see and the sights that unfold before your eyes made it worth the ride. Plus your friends on the side made the experience much more memorable. I am happy to be in a place so beautiful, almost heavenly.

photo credits: Atty. Rey Caayon

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