What Goes Around Really Comes Back Around

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I always thought that there will come a day where all the mistakes that I've made would bring me to a better place that I have always wanted. Right now, my life doesn't seem so bad. I had always been dreaming about this day since the day he went away. I remember in the beginning I was very insecure pathetic and foolish. I stumbled in my own with no one to hold.

I now realized that there was nothing to regret in my life. Even if my past was full of hurt. Even if there are a lot of people trying to stop my game, I still managed to make my own name. People had been talking about something made out of there ass. I just don't know what's the deal with all the talking behind my back. I thought I was so mean but maybe I had to redefine myself. Maybe I got something you wished you have. 

It's so funny seeing you coming to me begging for my attention and forgiveness. Sweetie maybe you thought you had me figured out but I ain't coming around. I had forgiven you a long time ago but it doesn't mean we had to be friends again. 

Life had flipped 180 on us and got you shootin hate all over the place. It doesn't make you look cool though. It made people hate you instead just so you know.

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