Road Trippin with J and Niljun

Monday, January 28, 2013

Since I've got nothing left to do tonight, let me share to you guys some photos I have from the road trip we had a few weeks back. Here's something for you guys to talk about and maybe stir some nasty gossip about me and J. Sorry but I don't eff my friends. Hahahahaha

at Molobolo Cold Spring Tuburan.

Can-ambay Spring Maravilla Tabuelan

wide beach front of Proper Maravilla Tabuelan

at Soso Bridge, Luyang San Remigio

A great writer once said, "ask not, what you did but ask yourself what you didn't do". I know I am in for an adventure when Ejun called and I was out of my bed looking for my pants in no time, ninja moves style.

Life is what we make it, and I'm going make mine a happy one. full of adventures, laughter and great friends. Remember if you can't roll with us, then roll OUT!!!

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