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Saturday, January 05, 2013

At my age, I've realized that a person should never consider it an achievement when you have a lot of friends and that you are liked by everyone. To make one friend stand with you when you have a lot of people who doesn't like you is a true friend. The rest are just acquaintances. I may not have the flashy gadgets you have but I got one thing that you don't. It's this crazy, okay, super crazy, funny, loud and amazing people I call my friends and they are the most awesome people anyone could ask for. 

No words can express how much I appreciate this people for standing by me when I am barely standing up and loosing my ground. They are my energy (not for tetris battle) to never be afraid to show the world the real me and be comfortable for what I truly am. They are those people who stayed with me when it rained. Somebody who I could run to, someone who understands me without judging. Thank you. Thank you.

With my Soul Sister Olivia La Fang
Kalvin Olive and Moi

Mandatory Pose

Ate Che2 and Blanche

my bed in cayang 
Olive Blanche Genel and Hanna
Olive and Emman
Chicklet and Ronyel
Niljun and Nico

Bahoag otot Klayd oi.. DMD
Nico and Klayd
The Whole Gang..

Reane.. You never greeted me on my bday.. but its okay. I still love you no less

As what I've said before, I must be very lucky coz my family becomes my friends and my friends become my family. 

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