The K Girls

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

As they say, music is the storybook, the singers tell the story, and the dancers make the story come to life. For some people, they believe that dancing is an obsession but I believe that these girls had the dedication and the passion to dance. I love how they could keep up with the boys with their moves.

I love giving them pet names, coz I feel like it's funny every time I do it. A-YO for AG2x. K-DUB for KRING2x. And J-WOW for JEN2x (kabantay mo naa jud 2x ilang name. ako rapud nag boot2x ana).

These girls are my friends. I am not their manager but I feel like I'm their MOMMY-ger. hahahaha.

See them move to the groove here:

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