New Beginnings

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I had moments when people hurt me so bad and then on top of that, they just pretend like nothing ever happened. Like I never really came and walked into their lives. I know it's lame but this is what I'm feeling right now.

I always make it a point, no matter how busy my life gets, to make time for people that are very important to me. Is it wrong to care for someone so much that you lost yourself in the process? Does everything happened for a reason, or do we have reasons for everything that happened?

I am very disappointed with myself. Sometimes I just feel like I am a "SHRINK" and everyone who came to me is my "NUTCASE". Once they are back on track again, they just  leave me with no apparent reason. It's always like this. Same case over and over again. Maybe because I trust people so quickly. I am so quick to label them as "MY FRIENDS" when in fact I barely even know them.

I know everything happens for a reason, people come and go. I am just happy that there are those people who came into my life, never said anything, no false promises and yet they never left me. They never give up on my no matter what bullshit I have. And I've been counting them, I just happen to have 15.

So I'm putting my walls back up. Bringing back my reigns of control. Taking my life back to where it was before. Bringing my B*tch face back. The next time someone came in to me. I wont be easy!.

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