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Saturday, April 20, 2013

My boyfriend collection have talked about "PHOTOGRAPHY" suddenly coming out of nowhere. Watermarking all pictures with a fancy name and putting Photography in the end. SMH. Yes, sometimes people tend to do what mainstream media dictates. KAY USO LAGE SA FACEBOOK AW SABAY NALANG SA USO.

I don't even know a thing about photography. I had to ask my friend and to explain to me in a nutshell what goes behind every picture. I know that there are a lot of things to consider when you are a real photographer because it is not just about POINT POSE and SHOOT.

I am not a photographer, I am a lousy blogger. I talk about what's happening around me and sometimes I post pictures to help me explain what is going on. Being a blogger doesn't mean that I can't identify good and bad pictures. I know ART coz I AM GAY.

Photography and modeling sometimes they go side by side.  Being a model you have to take control of your body to pose APPROPRIATELY. You have to consider your expected audience/clientele. If it requires you as a model to pose sexy/seductive, it doesn't mean you have to look trashy and cheap. CLASSY not TRASHY. You can be sexy even without showing all your skin. Showing your cleavage, wearing your PEKPEK short shorts, sticking your tongue out and putting your finger in your mouth would help you look like you need some spanking. TSK TSK TSK. MASUKO JUD SI TYRA BANKS NINYO. I remember Tyra saying that as a model, if you don't like what the photographer is asking you to do, YOU CAN ALWAYS SAY NO. So why don't you try posing in front of the mirror first.

Just because you own a high end camera doesn't make you a photographer. You have to master the craft. Until then don't label your pictures with PHOTOGRAPHY. Lately, a DSLR camera had became a STATUS SYMBOL. PALIT PALIT OG CAMERA nga NINDOT ARON INGNON KA AFFORD BA.

I know you are thinking that you have to watermark your pictures because people may copy your picture without your permission. I know, it happened to me, it happened to my friend, that's why, I sometimes watermark my name without the word "PHOTOGRAPHY" in the end.

The best photographers are always open to comments. May it be positive or negative. Positive comments tell  you what you have accomplished, what you know in the craft so far. Negative comments tell you what you have to know, what you need to know and what you need to improve. Negative comments are always the most honest comments. Positive comment could sometimes be BULLSH*T to feed your ego. PADAHOMON RA KA BA.

So if you want to be a photographer you might want to consider this before doing something drastic with your pictures.

JAN ERROL DUAZO PHOTOGRAPHY where the pictures are always blurry. KUROG OG KAMOT IGIS LOLING.

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