Medellin Fiesta 2013

Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 1
The Beautiful Stage
Shiny Faye Sepulveda= MOST BEAUTIFUL
We just watched Miss Funtastic Medellin and can I just say that, Catherine Gubatana had the strongest walk among the candidates. I'm a fan since day 1. 


 Jr and Blanche
 Clarrise, Bernadette, IDK, and Justice
 with Genel
 The Craziez
 Jong, Jess, me and Genel
 Me and Jess (i don't know what's up with this pose)
 Kevin and that girl
 That girl again and JU
 Me and JU.. ahem naay future

Medellin, is kinda like our next door neighbor that we always come to visit. What I like about Medellin is its spirit of adventure. You would never see it coming. Who would have thought that lurking behind the lush sugar cane is a place for ultimate outdoor adventure. 

Medellin always bring out the animal in me. I had so much fun that night. I think I had one too many drinks that I couldn't explain what has gotten into me but as they say, the best memories are the one's you can't explain. It was INTENSE. Can I just say that I just got MEDELLIN-ED.

FUNTASTIC MEDELLIN was no gimmick, not a propaganda, not a promise but an experience!

Thank you So much MEDELLIN!

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