Bogo City's Rehabilitation Reintegration Program

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Rehabilitation Reintegration Program was created by the Bogo City Officials  headed by the Vice Mayor Maria Cielo Martinez. The program was formed to address the needs of those who are addicted to drugs and would like to get sober. It was formally launched last October 17, 2016.
Re-Re is a self help group for drug addicts. The term maybe confusing. In a nutshell, it is a group of individuals currently addicted to drugs wanting to be sober. The group is a source of guidance, assistance and encouragement for every individual. It is also a safe place to get support and discuss the challenges in a non-parental and non judgmental manner.


 Re-Re Program is using a fellowship and a set of guided principles. The 12 steps to Sobriety adapted from Narcotics Anonymous. Re-Re is not only limited to one kind of drug but it is open to all types of drug addiction. 

Re-Re is set to help an individual accept his addiction which is very crucial in their recovery. Since the program is very young. Every individual is encouraged to express their struggles while battling addiction. With the help of fellow drug addicts, they can explore ways on how to make amends with their past mistakes and doings. Together they learn how to live a new life, free from old unhealthy habits and ways of behaving. They are also asked to maintain every individual's privacy by not discussing anything to non- members of the fellowship. Confidentially is paramount to the group. After all feelings are checked, a drug testing is done. This is to validate sobriety.


Anyone who is willing to get clean and sober. Although we discouraged anyone who had drug addiction and another mental illness. However we can also help find a treatment suitable for them.


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