Top 5 Filipino Youtubers that I Watch

Friday, November 04, 2016

Today I was asked by a friend, as she caught me killing my time on youtube, who do I watch on youtube. I told her my top 5 Filipinos that I am currently subscribed to. I might as well share it with you guys.

5. Erwan Heussaff

I know he is Half French, but why does he have an American Accent? Anyways, what I love about him is that he has this OVERNIGHT series in his channel where in he travels to a city and get lost in the culture. I also love his cooking segments. I also follow his blog,

4. Coraleen Waddell

All I know is she is Half American and that she is currently one of the top models of the country. What I love about her channel is that, to me it shows her sweet personality. And Girl loves to eat. Major Envy.

3. Haley Dasovich
This girl wont say no to anything. She loves adventure. That ass though.(Im not checking her out, I'm just saying) 

2. Will Dasovich
To me, he is the guy that started it all. (I know he is not the guy but I just love saying that becuse he is the first youtuber that I can't get enough of. Plus he speaks Beki which is funny to me.

1. Daniel Marsh

I put him on top of the list because of his amazing cinematography. It felt like I am watching a Hollywood movie. Great job man and have a safe trip in Nepal.

📸 are screenshots of their youtube channel

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