Boys from the Hood

Monday, November 14, 2016

I say yow, thats my boys from the hood. They are always there for me as I am always there for them. They always make me smile like a child on a rainy day.

I really love the fact that we always support each other do our own thing. No one is trying to damper on each other's sunshine.

When the boys talk girls and when we girls talk boys like no one is judging. We can just let each other hang our dirty linens out in the open.

When someone's trippin running their mouth like they know all the issues about the crew. They might just have to go packing coz we wont back down.

I like the fact that we could just be living big. Rolling out in town. Rockin it out VIP style in Cebu. Hanging out in the beach in Bantayan. We can be all that. Work hard party harder they say.


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