Bogo Fiesta 2009 Bonanza

Saturday, May 30, 2009

As far as I could remember, this is the most boring Fiesta Ever, in the history of Fiestas in the world. All activities never surpassed my unrealistic standards or maybe because the organizers were just contented with their mediocrity and that's annoying. Hahahaha...

But gays like me, wouldn't let you guys down. We made sure that we had fun y'all. With a lil taste of glitter, a mix of rock n roll, a splash of shimmer are the ingredients needed to create a beautiful memory.

Snapshots from the ShutterBUG

Me, Nonette "Adam Lambert", Ulmar "yads", and Lee


Wait, did you just fart?? kidding...

Another Kingkong Barbie Moment....

During that night, I drunk a lot, walk a lot but I made new friends. Thank you guys.


  1. akim jud kaayo ang fiesta, AS is dry kaayo, try to rename the title to: "WORST FIESTA EVER HAPPENed IN THE PLANET"