Getting to Know Myself All Over Again

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I thought I already knew myself..but I was wrong. Times tested me to my limits and had me on my knees and beg for mercy. I thought that I'm not capable of loving someone. Though it's so yesterday but that experience made me what I am today. A better, different, brand new, bitchier if that's a word and tougher than Yesterday.

I realized that change is constant and we can't be that same person that we were yesterday. We had to move forward and we should work for it. Work to make ourselves better so that we can be at our best..And certainly I will put a whole new meaning to the words bitch and backstabbing.. I'll make sure of that...

Thanks for keeping up with me when I was so crunky and Irrate.. I appreciate that.. Please stay!...

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