Young By Thoughts!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Seriously, I really think that I'm just 13 instead of being 20-something. Maybe because of the people I hangout with. Like they are really young and it's really amazing how mature they handle things better than how I run things. They already know that life isn't always roses and chocolates.

How they became a soldier of life and stand up for me when Im so down. I always know that I had their back and it wont matter where I am coz they'll be there. I know that they will dodge life's bullets and put it on a ceasefire. Now aint that sweet??

This is Kevin Sam..17

Daryl 19

Chad 17



Roan 20 and Reina19

With GOD in front, You guys on my SIDE and our Parents on our Back.. What Else can go wrong!
You guys will always be my friend, my hommies, my brothers and sisters...

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