HAppy Fiesta Sa Amo

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It was April 25 , 2009 when the click hits 9 everybody had fallen in line for that one big happy party. Everybody was crunk and rowdy but its ok... ahhh My rhyming skills sucks...

Well anyways here are some pics with my fat ass.

Thought I was in Disco Heaven but this looks like a Disco Inferno!

Discoral Ni!!!!!!

I love you soo much bebs!!!!!! hahahah

Pa.Lo.od2 ni xa pero nahan ni xa sa personal.. this is emay btw.

With Kevin Sam

Latika and Kevin Sam

The Animal In the Party!!!!!

Wall Flowers

Thank you!!!!!!!


  1. wa ra ut


    im bored

    nice to know ur having fun sa discoral... ur that ____???

    hahaha u fill in the blank

    if i know abog na au imung feet!



  2. nice man sad na maka suway ta og ka.yellow sa tiil